Epic Battle: the Aftermath (Pre-production)

In Epic Battle:  The Aftermath, 2 to 4 players take on the role of rival disaster recovery companies vying for the most prestigious reconstruction and repair jobs after an epic superhero battle that has left the city in ruins.  Players will use their resources and influence with the city council to win jobs and ultimately get the prized “Key to the City” and win the game!

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Manicure Hero (Pre-production)

All's fair in love and nails...

Have you ever wanted to dip a well painted toe into the seedy underbelly of the nail salon business?

In Manicure Hero, you and up to 5 friends take on the role of nail stylists competing for the most tips!  Beware rip-off artists and your fellow stylists.

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Secret Society (Pre-production)

In Secret Society, you and up to 3 friends take on the role of Illuminati Overlords manipulating your minions via hidden information to ultimately take over the world!

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Roasted Games

We are a small indie board and card game publisher based in Denver, CO.  Our goal is to make games with unique themes, interesting mechanisms, and packed with fun from beginning to end.

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